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Quick-thinking lifeguards save man at Orford pool

Four lifeguards, Samantha Wilkinson (19), Liam Pidgeon (26), Daniella Porrino (19) and Ashleigh Scott (23), were on duty at LiveWire’s Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub pool in Warrington when a swimmer got into difficulties at around 10am on Friday 25 May, 2018.

Lifeguard Samantha Wilkinson pushed the emergency button at the side of the pool and then jumped in to get the man out of the water.

CPR, including chest compressions, was started at the side of the pool, and then the defibrillator, which is located on site, was used.

By the time the paramedics arrived, the swimmer had regained consciousness and was breathing unaided, although his condition was still extremely serious. He was taken by ambulance to Walton Hospital, where he was admitted and had to undergo a heart by-pass operation, before making a good recovery.

Cllr Tony Higgins visited Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub to thank the lifeguards for the skill and speed of their actions.

Cllr Higgins said: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet these lifeguards and thank them for their heroic actions. Without their swift and professional response, this man would probably not be alive today.

“They are a real credit to LiveWire and a great example of what a difference good training can make. This incident also highlights the importance of easy access to defibrillators – it really does save lives.”

James Birdsey, Operations Manager, said: “The lifeguards acted brilliantly. They are fully trained to take care of our members in situations like this and I’m very proud of their response. Their actions undoubtedly saved the man’s life, and we’re thrilled that he has made a full recovery.

“When something like this happens, you appreciate just how important defibrillators are. This the fourth time in the last four years that a defibrillator has been used, with a successful outcome on all four occasions.”


Photo: Left to right – Lifeguard Ashleigh Scott, Lifeguard Liam Pidgeon holding the defibrillator, Councillor Tony Higgins shaking hands with Lifeguard Samantha Wilkinson,  Lead LiveWire Advisor Kate Gorner, and LiveWire’s Operations Director Matthew Parker.


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