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Policies, Reports & Plans

In this section you can find information relating to LiveWire’s strategies, policies and plans

View our documents below:

  1. This procedure is applicable to and enforced at all LiveWire managed facilities.
  2. LiveWire and its staff expect our customers to behave with consideration and tolerance towards others. If customers are unwilling to behave in this way we will ask them to leave the facility. Such action will not be taken lightly but in certain circumstances may be necessary to ensure that other members of the public can still continue to enjoy the facilities offered and that both our staff and the public are not subjected to abuse or other inappropriate behaviour whilst using the facilities.
  3. The following are examples of conduct by members of the public using LiveWire facilities which will not be accepted: • Physical or verbal assault on a member of staff or another member of the public • Using foul language • Any other conduct likely to cause unreasonable inconvenience, apprehension or offence to staff or a member of the public • Failure to comply with any reasonable request made by a member of staff This is not an exhaustive list of the conduct governed by this policy. Anything which is capable of causing distress to either members of staff or members of the public, using the facilities, can form the basis for action.
  4. When such conduct comes to the attention of the designated Manager and requires a person to leave the premises the manager shall first, wherever possible, explain the reasons for such proposed action, and consider any response made at the time by the member of the public when making the decision to exclude them. Where the Manager considers that the conduct, if repeated, would be sufficiently serious to warrant the removal of the member of the public from the premises, then the Manager will write to the member of the public advising them that they will be excluded if the conduct is repeated.
  5. If in the Manager’s opinion, the conduct is sufficiently serious to warrant the exclusion of the member of the public from the facility, then the Manager may require that person to leave the premises either permanently or for a fixed period of time. The Police may be asked to assist.
  6. The Manager shall explain to the member of the public that if they wish to challenge the decision they may refer the matter to the Operations Director of LiveWire for a ruling. Until any such appeal is heard the Manager decision shall remain in force.
  7. Any such explanations or warnings referred to above shall be put in writing and sent to the member of the public within seven working days.
  8. At any such appeal, the Operations Director shall give the member of the public an opportunity of being heard and may hear from such other witnesses as he or she considers appropriate. The Operations Director decision shall be final.
  9. Any member of the public shall be entitled to have the decision to exclude him or her from any LiveWire managed facility reviewed after 1 year from the date of exclusion and thereafter every year unless and until the decision to exclude the member of the public is revoked.

Issued: September 2019 

LiveWire (Warrington) CIC place great importance on the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults using our services. Our policies ensure that our staff are appropriately checked and trained to address concerns. If, as a member of staff or the general public, you have a concern that you feel needs to be documented. Please view and follow our Safeguarding Alert flowchart below.

Issued: September 2023 

Our Employees

  • Are welcoming, helpful and customer focused at all times
  • Are recognisable by virtue of uniform and name badge
  • Engage and listen to customer comments and suggestions
  • Respect confidentiality of all our staff, customers and other stakeholders
  • Investigate and respond to complaints effectively and in a timely manner
  • Are empowered to make excellent customer service decisions.

Our Offer

  • Provide facilities that are accessible to all, clean, safe and well maintained
  • Work with partners to develop delivery models that utilise our estate
  • Aim to exceed customer expectations through programming and service delivery
  • Ensure our information provided at site is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

Our Processes

  • Notify our customers as soon as possible of any changes to our programmes or services offered
  • Communicate effectively with our customers via the effective use of a range of communication channels
  • Provide a telephony solution that aims to answer your call promptly and resolves your enquiry at the first attempt
  • Where feasible, apply pricing tools that encourages participation and supports our customers in improving their health and wellbeing.

Issued: September 2019 

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