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Sports Development:

Promoting health, wellbeing, and inclusion in the communities of Warrington.

Sports Development uses the power of sport, physical activity and positive activities to make a difference in people’s lives. It helps develop people and their communities.

We offer a variation of initiatives to ensure that there is something on offer for everyone!

Our job is to provide activities that can make a difference and that are sustainable.

Latest update

New intro to walking football session!
Mondays at 7.30pm-9pm – beginners – For those new to the game: Important information tailored for beginners.
Thursdays at 7.30pm-9pm – advanced
How to book: Online booking available.
Location: Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub

Family mentor scheme launching this week!
Dates: Wednesdays at 3.30pm- 5.30pm
How to book: Agencies can refer / For self-referrals, contact
Location: Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub

Exciting new project on Sutton Estate, Padgate!
Tuesdays at 3:30 pm
How to book: Simply show up!
Description: Immerse yourself in a dynamic range of activities, including football, basketball, and more, designed to promote fitness and camaraderie. All skill levels welcome!
Location: Sutton Trust Play Courts

Back on Track mentoring – Free Drop In Sessions

LiveWire, in collaboration with YMCA St Helens, launched the Back on Track project on May 4, 2023, with the immediate goal of aiding young individuals aged 10-17 facing challenges affecting their wellbeing. We are offering a Free drop-in session on Wednesday between 3:3pm and 5:30 pm at our Orford Jubilee Community Hub library for any 10-17-year-olds who are interested in being involved in the program and who want to learn a little more about the help LiveWire is offering.

This initiative aims to break the cycle of negativity prevalent in their lives. Comprised of two phases, the project’s first phase is focused on building trust and engagement among the participants. It includes personalised one-to-one mentoring sessions facilitated by qualified sports coaches, along with a listening service provided by the YMCA. Additionally, group activities such as boxing, circuit training, and various racquet sports are introduced to encourage socialisation and skill development among the youth. The listening service, specifically tailored for those with low-level mental health concerns, offers up to 8 one-hour sessions with qualified counsellors, providing vital mental health support. LiveWire’s comprehensive approach ensures that young people have a safe space to openly discuss their challenges while engaging in positive activities that contribute to their personal growth and well-being.

Making a difference in the lives of young people

By making a contribution to the crowdfunding campaign, individuals, businesses, and the local community can directly support the Back on Track Mentor Programme and make a difference in the lives of young people in Warrington. The programme offers one-hour weekly sessions over an 8-week period at the Orford Jubilee, Warrington, where participants are assigned mentors dedicated to their personal development.

After the completion of the programme, ongoing support and encouragement will be provided to help participants continue their journey through the wide range of classes and sessions available at Orford Jubilee Hub.

The stories of Chloe (13), Taylor (14), and L (aged 13) highlight the significant impact of the Back on Track Mentor Programme.

“Back on Track has given me confidence and helped me to become fitter and more active!” – Chloe (13)

“The project has given me purpose and helped me to become more motivated. I have not been in school for over 8 months and this project has given me structure and routine” – Taylor (14)

“My son was in with the wrong crowd / banned from the Leisure centres and in the middle of a lot of police troubles before he was referred on to the project. Since then he has engaged in positive activities in the centres and has a great relationship with the staff and coaches. Without this project, he was only heading in one direction!” – Mother of L (aged 13)

LiveWire invites everyone passionate about empowering young people and fostering their personal development to contribute to the Back on Track Mentor Programme crowdfunding campaign. Together, we can transform lives and provide a brighter future for the youth in our community.

To make a donation and learn more about the Back on Track Mentor Programme, please visit the crowdfunding page at

Sport builds resilience. Sports builds confidence. Sport develops health and wellbeing. Sport transforms lives!

Box Clever

Box Clever is a fun and engaging boxing program that offers a unique and dynamic workout experience.

The sessions are designed to incorporate a variety of circuits, drills, and games that challenge participants both mentally and physically.

Overall, Box Clever is a great way to improve your fitness, build strength, and learn new boxing skills in a fun and engaging environment.

To book and for more information

Over 50s Sports and Social Project

Take part in a range of sports such as badminton, tennis, and many others. The activities are suitable for all fitness levels, and modifications can be made to accommodate any injuries or limitations.

After the sports activities, participants can enjoy refreshments and socialise with other members of the group. This creates an opportunity for individuals to meet new people and form new friendships, which can have a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.

The Over 50s Sports and Social Project is led by experienced coaches who provide personalised attention and support to each participant.

To book and for more information

Over 40s Walking Football

Walking football is a modified version of the traditional game of football designed for those aged 40 and above.

Walking football is a great way for people to stay active, socialise, and enjoy a walking version of the beautiful game. It can also improve cardiovascular health, balance, and coordination, and may reduce the risk of falls and other injuries.

To book and for more information

Run Bike Swim

Run Bike Swim is a newly named series of triathlon events aimed at beginners, previously known as ‘Go Tri.’

These monthly events offer a unique opportunity for participants to engage in triathlon events.

The project features family and junior events, alongside adult events.
As part of the new format, there will be three different waves per event, including adult, family, and junior (ages 11-16 years) waves.

To book and for more information

11-16 Years - Friday Night Football Streetleague

Friday Night Football Streetleague is a football league created for young people who wish to form teams with their friends and participate in weekly matches every Friday.

This league offers a great opportunity for young people ages 11 to 16 years to engage in physical activity, improve their football skills, and socialise with their peers.

To book and for more information
Livewire youth sports activities Summer 2023


We also work with areas of the community with schemes aimed at improving mental and physical heath, and wellbeing for young people. Click below for more information about our projects.

Back on Track is a youth sport, listening, and mentoring project that aims to provide young people aged 12-18 with a safe and supportive space to discuss any issues in their lives that are affecting wider aspects of their lives.

What are the aims of the project?
The project aims to break the cycle of negativity and apathy in young people’s lives by using sport and positive activities to develop sustainable pathways to a happier, healthier, and more prosperous future. The project is for young people who are having difficulties in their home life or education, those displaying challenging behaviours, feeling socially isolated, and those involved in behaviours associated with offending.

The project’s ultimate goal is to see lower high school dropout rates, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, better attitudes about school, higher college enrolment rates, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, improved behaviour, stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers, improved interpersonal skills, decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use, better academic performance, and better school attendance.

Back on Track places are via referral, please contact Paul Flannery using the button below for more information.

The HAF programme recognises that the school holidays can be challenging for families, particularly those with low incomes. Such families face increased food and childcare costs and reduced incomes, leading to decreased access to out-of-school activities, inadequate nutrition, and physical health, and a higher likelihood of social isolation for children.

Therefore, the HAF programme is aimed at enabling children to eat healthier and be more active during the summer, be engaged in enriching activities, develop resilience, character, wellbeing, and educational skills, be safe and avoid social isolation, and increase their knowledge of health and nutrition.

LiveWire’s involvement in the HAF programme is a testament to our commitment to the community’s best interest. We run sessions during half term holidays across the academic year.

Spaces are limited, please contact Paul Flannery using the button below for more information.

Spaces are limited, please contact Paul Flannery using the button below for more information.

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