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BloomingArt CEO rediscovers fitness joy at over 50s sports session

We love to share stories about people who have enjoyed our sessions, and our recent contact with a member of the Over 50s Sports sessions is no exception. Gail, the CEO of BloomingArt, shares her transformative experience with us, marking her first step into fitness in over two decades. Approaching her 60th birthday, Gail faced her apprehensions about fitness head-on, revealing the powerful impact of our community-oriented approach. Here’s her story:

“I’m the CEO of BloomingArt, and I’ve not given any time to keeping myself fit or exercising in probably 20 plus years, and I’ll be 60 in a few months. And I’ll be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed it. So walking into the hub was hugely challenging for me. Not knowing what to expect, being very unfit and overweight, etc., all added to me thinking I wouldn’t be able to get through 10 mins of exercise.

But, I did. I got through the whole hour. What you have created is nothing short of magical. Today, and also during FitBox, but especially today, I found myself not just getting through it, but I loved every second; although I can’t wait until I’m a lot lighter and fitter. You have created a little ‘Let’s get healthier & feel good village.’ Everyone was so friendly, you could see how much everyone was enjoying it, I actually burned 545 cals, which is astonishing. You are combating isolation, developing community engagement, it’s affordable, accessible, and you are adding years to people’s lives, saving the NHS a lot of money long term.

But all this aside, it takes a very experienced, knowledgeable, and social individual to manage and lead this programme. You were friendly without losing any professionalism, your global observation was phenomenal, your eyes were everywhere making sure everyone was fine. You constantly returned to H & S, making sure everyone was safe at all times, and you made it so much fun. That’s the ingredients of something extremely special. Thank you for the invite, you were right, Paul. I think I finally have found exercise that I love. Well done, Gail.”

Gail’s journey is a testament to the welcoming, inclusive environment we strive to cultivate, proving it’s never too late to start your fitness journey and enjoy the journey of getting healthier together.

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