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LiveWire team up with Warrington firefighters to give water safety advice to school children

LiveWire joined forces with firefighters to give safety advice to years three and four primary school children from across the town, at pools at Orford Jubilee, Woolston and Broomfields Leisure Centre as part of a National Drowning Prevention Week, which took place from 15 – 19 June.

The messages to children were simple, to “Shout, Reach Throw, Don’t Go” when faced with an emergency around water and “Be Safe Near Water” was also encouraged as part of the week.

Warrington Watch Manager Jonathan Hill coordinated the events. He said: “The station has run this initiative with Livewire in Warrington for a few years now, in conjunction with Royal Lifesaving Society Drowning Prevention Week.

“With so much water around Warrington it’s important that all children know what to do in an emergency and also understand dangers they face when playing near, or swimming in, open water.”

Firefighters demonstrated to groups how they need act when faced with a situation and what they should do to save themselves or friends when in trouble. Thanks to this partnership they met with an incredible number of children over the 10 days, at a number of poolside events across the town.

LiveWire Aquatic Development Manager, Ann Burgess said: “We were really happy to be working with Warrington firefighters again during Drowning Prevention Week. Thousands of children had the opportunity to learn about the importance of staying safe near water and had lots of fun in the process. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they learned important water safety messages.

“It is so important to remind people to stay safe near water, especially at this high-risk time of year.”

All the children who took part in the programme were given drinking water bottles by the partnership, which promoted the safety message “Shout, Reach, Throw, Don’t Go”.

For more information and water safety tips, please visit the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service website



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