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New reads for March!

March Books

Embark on a literary journey this March with our latest collection of captivating reads. From mysterious family sagas to thrilling adventures, these books are sure to keep you engrossed through the winter nights.

Chasing Endless Summer (V C Andrews)

Dive into a tale of deep secrets and the quest for a place to call home.

Three-inch Teeth (C J Box)

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey into the wild, where survival is a deadly game.

Leave No Trace (Jo Callaghan)

Explore the depths of a disappearance that unravels a family’s dark secrets.

 A Stranger in the Family (Jane Casey)

A gripping narrative of familial bonds tested by a shocking revelation.

The Brothers (Kimberley Chambers)

Step into the gritty world of family loyalty and betrayal in London’s underworld.

The Other Gwyn Girl (Nicola Cornick)

Unearth the hidden stories of the past in this historical drama full of intrigue.

The Wrong Sister (Claire Douglas)

Experience the chilling consequences of mistaken identity in this psychological thriller.

The Hunter (Tana French)

Follow a thrilling pursuit through Dublin, where nothing is as it seems.

Still See you Everywhere (Lisa Gardner)

Confront the haunting echoes of the past in this gripping tale of love and loss.

Ten Seconds (Robert Gold)

Embark on an intense race against time in this action-packed thriller.

Out of Darkness (Alex Gray)

Dive into a world of mystery and suspense set against the backdrop of Scotland.

Death on the Thames (Alan Johnson)

Uncover a web of murder and deceit in this riveting detective story.

Finding Sophie (Imran Mahmood)

Engage in a legal battle fraught with twists and turns in the search for truth.

The Book of Secrets (Anna Mazzola)

Delve into the secrets of a nineteenth-century mansion in this historical mystery.

The No. 1 Lawyer (James Patterson)

Navigate the high-stakes world of law and justice in this gripping legal thriller.

Cheater (Karen Rose)

Enter a world of suspense and danger in this nail-biting romantic thriller.

The Underground Library (Jennifer Ryan)

Discover the power of books and bravery in war-torn London.

Every Move You Make (C L Taylor)

Unravel a tale of obsession and manipulation in this tense psychological drama.

Made for Murders (Peter Tremayne)

Solve ancient mysteries in this intriguing historical whodunit.

To borrow these books, visit your local LiveWire library (membership required).

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