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Celebrating 12 Years of LiveWire Success in Warrington

For nearly a decade and a half LiveWire has been the driving force behind community engagement and wellbeing in Warrington. Established in May 2012 as a Community Interest Company (CIC), LiveWire has evolved into the town’s premier provider of leisure and library facilities, operating three neighbourhood hubs, two leisure centres, one community hub, and a network of thirteen libraries.

In addition to providing high quality leisure and recreation facilities, LiveWire has worked closely with local schools, primary care providers, sports clubs, and Warrington Borough Council to give all sectors of the community access to health and wellbeing initiatives.

Much has been achieved since inception, creating a legacy to be proud of. Here, we look back at some of the highlights of the past 12 years.

Investing in Youth

Children and young people throughout Warrington have benefited from several LiveWire programmes, from traditional life skills and sports clubs such as swimming lessons and tennis coaching, to more academic support via our Libraries, and other initiatives with organisations such as the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The impact of LiveWire’s efforts is significant, with over 366,998 school pupils benefiting from swimming lessons and 85,667 participating in junior tennis lessons. Additionally, the Summer Reading Challenge has seen 8,938 children enthusiastically engage with reading, further enriching their learning experience.

Older children have been helped with the ‘Back on Track’ initiative, aimed at guiding young people aged 10-16 towards personal growth and resilience.

LiveWire’s commitment to youth extends beyond programmes run within their facilities. Innovative initiatives such as the Kit4All project aimed to remove barriers to participation by providing proper sports equipment to children in need. Furthermore, partnerships with organisations like Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service highlight LiveWire’s dedication to promoting safety and wellbeing among Warrington’s youth.

Provision of Libaries

The improvement of libraries in Warrington has also been a focus for LiveWire, and the team have overseen refurbishments of local facilities thanks to the million-pound library modernisation investment by WBC. A Public Libraries Strategy was implemented, ensuring the provision of library services and adhering to the Libraries Connected Universal Offers programme.

Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools

LiveWire’s dedication to promoting physical activity extends to its engagement with primary schools in Warrington. Since the start of the Primary School Membership in 2014, LiveWire has supported more and more schools, fostering a positive relationship with physical activity for life.

Through events, conferences, and educational sessions with teachers and children alike, LiveWire ensures children have had the opportunity to experience, enjoy, and excel in a range of exciting activities promoting both physical and mental health. LiveWire’s support has enriched the curriculum, providing children across the town with high-quality teaching and learning experiences.

Promoting Health and Wellness within the Community

From weight loss initiatives to stopping smoking programmes, LiveWire has been instrumental in supporting individuals on their journey to better health. Through innovative activities like health walks and neuro fitness classes, LiveWire has championed inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can participate in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

The Fit to Tackle programme alone has seen an impressive 45,630 individuals achieve weight loss goals, while 8,485 people have successfully quit smoking with the support of LiveWire’s initiatives.

Local and Industry Recognition

LiveWire’s unwavering dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. With accolades like the National Health Impact Award in 2023, and the DSDC (Dementia Services Development Centre) Gold Award from the University of Stirling in 2020, LiveWire continues to set the standard for community-focused service delivery.

The Water Wellbeing accreditation at Bewsey and Dallam and Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub, along with LiveWire’s receipt of the North West Street Games Community Safety Project of the Year award, are clear demonstrations of LiveWire’s dedication to providing exceptional services while prioritising the safety and wellbeing of its members.

Transformative Redevelopments

Over the years LiveWire has invested in several transformative redevelopment projects across its Warrington sites, creating an enviable portfolio of facilities.

The Birchwood Tennis Complex recently underwent an impressive remodel and now features: a modern library, updated facilities, and an improved tennis complex and a state-of-the-art spinning studio. Moreover, enhanced library services, including a range of events and activities, alongside a vast collection of books, eBooks, and audio resources are now available to all of Livewires members within the community.

Additionally, the £4.3 million facility in Bewsey & Dallam provides residents with an array of community and wellbeing services, including community spaces, a state-of-the-art gym, a multi-use studio, a pool, and library provision, further cementing LiveWire’s role as a cornerstone of community development.

Empowering Athletes

LiveWire’s Talented Athlete Programme supports up to 30 performance athletes each year with free memberships, enabling them to pursue success in their chosen sports. Moreover, swimmers from LiveWire’s Performance Swim Squads, in collaboration with Warriors of Warrington, have consistently excelled, regularly qualifying for prestigious national championships.

Through these initiatives, LiveWire has empowered individuals to reach their full potential and represent Warrington on a national stage.

The Future Of Livewire

As LiveWire embarks on its next chapter, a strategic partnership with Warrington Borough Council ensures the continuity of services and benefits for its members. With a commitment to maintaining high standards and fostering seamless transitions, LiveWire remains dedicated to serving its community with excellence and integrity.

As we look ahead to the future, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering individuals, enriching communities, and building a healthier, happier Warrington together. Through collaboration with Warrington Borough council LiveWire will continue to make a positive impact for generations to come.

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