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Blog! Week 6 of our book stock campaign – Recommended Reads!

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In case you missed it,  we’re spending a few weeks this summer showcasing the book stock at Warrington’s libraries – and picking a few of our favourite genres and perhaps inspiring you to try something different from your usual read!

We’re calling this little campaign SummerStock 2019 and over the next 6 week’s we will be posting videos, photos, polls and general discussion points on this website and our social media channels.

We’d love YOU to get involved by commenting and sharing what sort of books YOU like to read – and what sort of books you would like to see on library shelves.

Warrington Borough Council’s cabinet member for leisure and community, Cllr Tony Higgins, said: “We want to make our libraries inclusive, creative and inspirational for all. High quality books is a hugely important part of that, which is why we’re investing so heavily in our stock.

 “We’ve talked to local people about the types of books they’d like to see, and this has helped us stack our library shelves with a range of diverse titles, aimed at keeping people of all ages, abilities and interests, coming back again and again.

 “Reading is one of the best things you can do. For adults, it can promote wellbeing, provide mental stimulation and reduce stress. For children, it can improve vocabulary, broaden horizons and boost imaginations. There’s never been a better time to get into reading in Warrington. So why not get down to your local library, and see what you can discover?”


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After ‘going green’ last week, this week things are hotting up! You may not know but our libraries follow Heat Magazine’s ‘Recommended Reads’ promotion. Here,Sarah from our BIBS team (that department that catalogues all the books when they arrive at our libraries) tells all!

Sarah said: “I read Heat Magazine ever week, and every week they do reviews of current books by new authors. And we thought it was a good idea to invest in this stock and get it out to our customers.

“People come into the library over the summer looking for a good book to read and I like this promotion because it’s all sorts of genres – there’s thrillers, general, historical – there’s something for everyone to read and they are all brand new, current books.

“The latest one I’ve read is The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary, about how two people meet and fall in love – it’s a really good read!.

“We’ve invested in this stock and we really you hope you like it! And we’d love to hear on social media what you think about the books!”



So there you have it! Summer is coming to end as is SummerStock! We hope you’ve found this look into our libraries incredible range of books that is there for readers to enjoy. See you soon at the library! 🙂

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