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Dementia Friendly Programme at Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub

Join us for a range of activities in a safe and supportive environment at the Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub.

Our Programme:

In partnership with Dementia Champions Group, Warrington. This class will focus on both the physical and mental health of people affected by dementia, either personally or as a carer including 30-40 minutes of low impact exercise, followed by a period of relaxation.

Classes on LiveWire class timetables are open to all and instructors are attending Dementia Friends workshops to provide them with the knowledge to support people living with dementia where needed.

Our fitness suites are accessible for both people living with dementia and carers.

Reading Well Books on Prescription is a national scheme endorsed by health professionals which helps people manage their well-being through self-help reading – and 25 books have been selected to help those people living with Dementia and their careers. Health professionals can prescribe the books to patients and they are available for anyone to borrow for free from the library. Contact your local library for details or for more information visit here

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