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Mixed Veg Tortilla  – serves 2-3

This baked egg dish is super tasty and works hot or cold and with any veg that you have available.

6 eggs whisked
Mature cheese
Variety of veg that you have in (peppers, courgette, peas, mushroom ,onion, tomatoes )
Ham (optional)
Large handful of cooked new potatoes or canned , sliced.

*Finely chop all your veg and cook gently in the frying pan until soft.
Remove from the pan and put to one side.

*whisk your eggs with a little salt and pepper and add a handful of grated cheese.

*arrange you sliced potatoes in the frying pan, add you cooked veg and then pour over the egg mixture.

* gently cook on a low heat so the bottom doesn’t burn for around 4/5 minutes and then place under the grill to finish off for a further 2-3 minutes until set.

*serve alone or with a mixed salad for lunch or even baked beans for a hearty breakfast.

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