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Welcome To LiveWire's Curated Selection Of The Hottest Summer Reads For 2023! Handpicked By Our Dedicated Team Of Librarians, These Books Represent The Cream Of The Crop In Contemporary Literature. Whether You're Looking For An Absorbing Thriller, A Poignant Drama, Or An Epic Tale Of Adventure, Our List Caters To Every Reading Taste. Dive Into These Exciting Novels And Let Them Transport You To Different Worlds While You Enjoy The Warm Summer Days. Happy Reading!

Summer reads: new books for July

Welcome to our curated selection of the hottest summer reads for 2023! Handpicked by our dedicated team of librarians, these books represent the best summer reads published in July. Whether you're looking for an absorbing thriller, a poignant drama, or…

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Four Fitness Myths Debunked

In the world of fitness, misconceptions are as common as dumbbells and sweat towels. Too often, these myths circulate, cause confusion and lead to ineffective workouts, unnecessary expenses, or even injuries. Today, we're going to set the record straight and…

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Emma Hutchinson Leaves LiveWire

Farewell to LiveWire’s Managing Director, Emma Hutchinson

This week we, at LiveWire bid a heartfelt farewell to a cornerstone of our organisation, our esteemed Managing Director, Emma Hutchinson. After ten transformative years with us, Emma is moving onto a new chapter. Emma's journey with LiveWire began in…

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Your New Books For June!

Reading is an adventure that allows us to escape our current world and step into new ones, all from the comfort of our own homes. There's an unmatchable thrill that comes from getting lost in a captivating novel, and the…

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