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Fit To Tackle Bootcamp

It’s a fat burning, gut busting, fist pumping workout for adults over 16 years of age.

Dates: Every Monday 7.15pm to 8.15pm

Location: Venue Halliwell Jones (Entrance is Gate 28 which is opposite the Lord Rodney Pub)

Number of places available: 50

Cost: £5 per session OR £2.50 if you’re a LiveWire member

How To Book A Session:

To book onto the Bootcamp you will need to book online on our booking system

NOT a LiveWire member? Here’s what you need to do to book on:

Sign up online to our FREE starter membership to register

Go collect your membership card

Use the card number on the back to book the bootcamp online

THAT’S IT! – you cannot pay on the day for bootcamp so make sure you follow the steps above to get started

Livewire Fit to tackle 9 2 scaled
fit to tackle
Livewire Fit to tackle 2 scaled
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