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V-Day Exercises for you and your gym buddy

1: Over Under

Grab a medicine ball, your best pal and stand back to back.  Pass the ball back and forth going under… and over

Over Under

2: Couple’s Russian Twists

Time to take a seat- Both sit on the gym floor going back to back. Again using a medicine ball, pass the ball from side to side.


3: Paired Lunges

It’s time to get close! For this exercise all you’ll need weights and each other. All you do is lunge whilst walking to and away from each other whilst holding the hand weights.


4: Hand Tap Push Ups

Give your friend a high five! Start in the standard push up position with your hands apart, after each push up give your friend a high five.

Tap Push Up

5:  Sweetheart Squats

Stand in the normal squat position and face each other BUT this time hold each other’s hands/wrists.  Then simply squat together in sync!


6: Synchronized Sit Ups

You’ll need your medicine ball again for this exercise. Move into the regular sit up position but make sure your facing each other.  As you come up, pass the ball to your friend… and repeat!!

Sit Ups

Check out our full demo video here:

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