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Update on new local Covid-19 restrictions for Warrington

Local restrictions to the Covid-19 pandemic have come into force today in Warrington to help control the spread of the virus – for more information please visit Warrington Borough Council’s website:

Please can customers be aware of the following in relation to the new measures:

Opening Hours

  • Our indoor facilities need to close at 10pm each day. This means that all customers will need to be out of the building by this time. This only affects a small number of sessions/ external hirers at our facilities and these will be amended accordingly to ensure the indoor facilities will be closed by 10pm.
  • Our outdoor facilities (pitches, tennis courts etc) can remain open beyond 10.00pm and so if we have sessions/ external hirers using these facilities beyond 10.00pm, they can continue to do so.

Spectating sports

Whilst we acknowledge the government guidance on spectating at sporting events, following review of our risk assessments and for safeguarding reasons, we will continue to permit some spectating for sporting activities

  • We shall continue to allow spectating for swim lessons in line with our current policy:
  • Spectating will only available for parents or guardians of children attending lessons in the Teaching Pool and Main Pool Shallow end, or if they are under 8 years old and in Stages 5 Higher or above.
  • All other parents/ guardians will be asked to wait outside the building during a lesson.
  • When in any of the spectator areas, any additional children in your care MUST be kept close by and you should all remain socially distanced from anyone you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble.
  • We will continue to allow spectating for other JUNIOR activities only, in line with the relevant Risk Assessments for the use of indoor and outdoor activity spaces. This means that:
    • Spectating is not permitted for any indoor activities unless there is a clear case provided for this through the risk assessment process e.g Safeguarding.
    • Spectating of adult sporting activity is not permitted under any circumstances.
    • Spectating of junior sporting activity outside is permitted but should be restricted to a maximum of 1 adult per participating child. Siblings are allowed to spectate if necessary due to reasons such as childcare.
    • Capacity limits are in place for each site and individual activity spaces and these must be adhered to at all times.
    • From safeguarding point of view, adult activity is for persons aged 18 years and over. Therefore junior activity is for anyone aged 17 years and younger. Our recommendation is that for anyone aged 17 years and younger, a parent/ guardian is on site at all times however for children under the age of 8 years our recommendation is that a parent/ guardian is readily accessible (e.g. within designated spectating areas).

Anyone who does attend our sites must remain socially distanced and groups of no more than 6 – face coverings must also be worn indoors when spectating or queueing and in other areas when social distancing might not be possible.

The situation is under constant review and we reserve the right to change our measures at any time, based on the local restrictions and guidance available.

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