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The Code Club is a hit at Warrington Libraries

Coding itself has become a very popular initiative in the United Kingdom as a whole, with over 86,000 children each year learning the art of Coding at 6,000 bases nationwide. The Code Club teaches children aged between 9-13 years the skills required to create animations, websites and games. As we continue to embark on an ever more digitalised society, the skills that the Coding Club teaches are those that will be a necessity in many of our children’s futures.

The Code Club has been introduced at LiveWire’s Lymm, Westbrook and Padgate Library bases and is proving to be a real hit with every session fully booked at all venues, and waiting lists being created to support the demand for Coding.
Senior LiveWire Adviser, Christine Everett, spoke about the instant success of the Code Club programme

Christine said, “We are delighted with the response to Code Club both in terms of the number of children attending every week but also in terms of the brilliant feedback we have had from children and parents.”

“I am amazed how quickly the children are picking up the coding skills and starting to code independently. It is also lovely to see that they are now helping each other, developing new skills and learning together. “

LiveWire’s Strategic Library Manager Wendy Molyneux added, “There is only one word to describe The Code Club, fantastic.

“Thank you to the staff and to the participants and their families who are involved in the Code Club programme at LiveWire bases for all the effort they are putting into this initiative.”

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