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Quit the habit on No Smoking Day with help from LiveWire’s dedicated team

National No Smoking Day is on Wednesday 9th March and LiveWire’s SmokeFree Warrington team is on hand to help anyone wanting to use the day to kickstart their quitting journey.

This year’s theme is ‘Don’t give up on giving up’. Every time you try to stop smoking, you’re a step closer to success so it really is never too late to quit.

If you live or work in Warrington LiveWire can provide you with friendly and helpful support and advice.

Quitting smoking brings immediate benefits such as after 48 hours your sense of taste and smell starts to improve, and after 72 hours breathing starts to feel easier and energy levels improve.

Some of the longer terms benefits are that from three to nine months lung function improves by up to 10% and after 12 months the risk of heart attack will have halved.

Alongside the physical benefits of quitting smoking there is also a lot of evidence that smokers who quit for six weeks or more are happier and experience less anxiety and depression than those who carry on smoking.

And there’s financial benefits as well – stopping smoking 5 cigarettes per day would save a person £840 per year and 15 per day would save you £210 per month.

What support is available? LiveWire’s SmokeFree team can support people through their quit attempt by helping them create a personal stop smoking plan including, setting a quit date, dealing with barriers and helping them stay positive throughout.

Statistics show that people are four times more likely to succeed in quitting if they have support so why not reach out to LiveWire this No Smoking Day.

Tom Kearney, LiveWire’s SmokeFree Lead, said: “National No Smoking Day is a great opportunity to encourage and promote stopping smoking not just for now but for the benefits it brings in the future. The day is a great reminder for smokers that support is out there to help them quit.

 “Our friendly, knowledgeable team can offer extensive support through our drop in sessions or via telephone support depending on the individual’s needs. There are numerous health and financial benefits to quitting smoking and the aim of No Smoking Day is to highlight these and hopefully encourage more people to attempt to quit. So get in touch if you’re ready to start your journey.”

To learn more or get help contact SmokeFree Warrington on 0300 003 0818, email or drop in to Bewsey & Dallam Community Hub from 10am to 12noon every Thursday and speak to an advisor.

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