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Our New Booking System | Access Guide

Access your LiveWire App or use the link below to access the new online portal to register

This will initially take you to a page where you will have to re-register to use Leisure Hub. 

You need to use the same email address as this is the address associated to your current online account. You can use the same username and password should you wish, or pick a new one.

When you click on to ‘My Account’ you will see the below page, and will need to click on the ‘LiveWire already has my details…’ link to register your new online account within Leisure Hub.

Leisure HUb Photo 1

Once you have completed the online registration process you can then log in and view all the features of the new system. If you click on the ‘Remember Me’ tick box, there will be no need to log in again. This will also allow you to access the Bookings link, which is also available through the original Bookings button on the App.

If you experience any issues with the initial registration process please email us at

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