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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Two

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Steps, steps…….and more steps! Ask anyone who has done LiveWire’s Fit To Tackle programme and it’s pretty likely they say the word ‘steps’ to you. (Probably with some kind of swear word before it if we’re being totally honest.)

One of the unique things about Fit To Tackle (FTT) is the fact that two of the three sessions a week are held at the Halliwell Jones Stadium – home of the mighty Warrington Wolves.

FTT Week 2 Steps

So you’re working out in a pretty special, and pretty exciting setting…that yes, has lots of steps. Around 2,000 steps in fact (20 times around the stadium doing all the steps is the equivalent of climbing Kilimanjaro)

But we don’t just make Fit To Tacklers do loads of steps because we we’re cruel…step exercising offers fantastic cardiovascular benefits – ie it gets your heart pumping. Walking, or running, up and down steps is also great lower body endurance, and really works out your hamstrings, quads and glutes.

And best of all, it’s really simple to do. No fancy kit required.

On Monday night the group had their first real go at the steps, doing a couple of laps of the stadium with regular forays up flights of stairs, lead by FTT coaches Tom and Matt and encouraged by the mentors.

It was the first real taste of the steps, and combined with the demanding circuit session inside the concourse that followed, offered a really tough first proper workout for the group – to which everyone really gave their all.

Traditionally every week 11 in the FTT programme sees the steps challenge – which involves everyone tackling every step in the stadium

FTT coach Tom Kearney said: “This may seem a bit overwhelming to participants now, in week 2 of their fitness journey, but we know that by week 11 everyone’s fitness will have improved to such a great degree that doing every step in Halliwell Jones – while still tough – will be totally doable.”

Monday night also saw the weekly weigh in session – that saw the group lose a combined 59.4kg/9st 4lbs (the FTT record is 49stone in the 12 weeks!)

FTT Week 2 Stretches

Tom said: “Everyone did really well on Monday night. Good results on the scales which showed that everyone is committed to the programme and already making positive changes to their diet. The exercise levels were stepped up from last week, and it was great to see people digging deep both on the steps and inside for the circuits session.

As everyone left after the session they crossed over with people coming to the relaunched Fit To Tackle bootcamp, that’s just £5 for the session. It runs from 7.15pm-8.15pm and over 50 people attended this week.

FTT Week 2 Nutrition Talk

Wednesday night saw a key element of the FTT programme – nutrition! Instead of a workout session the group met at Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub when Dr Tom Butler, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at Chester University spoke about adopting a healthier diet.

Tom said: “Dr Butler’s really informative talk was really well received, and you could see everyone really took on board his advice, asking lots of questions and staying at the end to chat to him.”

FTT Week 2 Park Session

Following Saturday’s outdoor HIIT workout with Rachel in the sun at Orford Park it’s roll on Week 3. We hope everyone has a great Easter and enjoys their eggs – a great source of protein! Poached are our faves 😉

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