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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Twelve

Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 12

Guys – that’s it!!

Week 12… DONE! Fit To Tackle…DONE!

We feel a bit emotional!

The final tally weightloss-wise was a massive 37 stone and 6 pounds – with 81% of the 36 people who finished the course hitting that 5% weightloss target.

FTT Group 14 Last Session Biggest Losers Jenny Ade with Tom

Our 2 ‘biggest losers’ were Ade and Jenny (pictured here with  FTT coachTom) – bravo!

And there were plenty of non-scale victories too – from completing every step in the stadium to being able to run a mile (aka 4 laps of the Halliwell Jones pitch) without stopping – plus feeling happier and healthier in general. Which is just as important as what the scales say!

Well done everyone who signed up and completed the 12 weeks – it’s really hard work and a lot of commitment so everyone should be really proud.

FTT coach Tom said: “Another programme has concluded and it’s been another very successful course achieving some fantastic results.

“The group weight loss was really encouraging and shows the hard work that has been put in over the past 12 weeks by everyone who took part.

“Alongside weight loss, our participants have also made huge improvements in their fitness with almost everyone now able to run a mile without stopping and everyone completing the challenge of running up and down every single step in the Halliwell Jones Stadium – no easy feat!

“We hope that everyone will continue to exercise, whether that be joining a gym or attending another exercise class such as our hugely popular paid-free Fit To Tackle Bootcamp that runs every Monday evening at the stadium and costs just £5 a session.”

But we’re going to give the final word to FTT participant Lucy, who wrote the below poem in honour of FTT Group 14 – we love this Lucy!

FTT 14 – AN ODE!

Just 12 weeks ago,
Who would have known?
The memories and friendships we would make,
But most importantly how much our confidence would have grown.

We were all greeted by many a smiling face,
With each mentor knowing we’re going to be put through our pace.

The first session arrived and naively turning up with a small bottle of water,
When in fact we all ended the session looking very red faced and ready for the slaughter.

The ‘steps’ were our biggest dread as the sessions progressed.
We had just come to terms with that, when Tom intriduced the 4 pitch lap!

Faces started to become fewer from a couple of weeks in,
I don’t think people could hack the hard work and realised there’s no quick and easy way to become ‘thin’

A weightloss programme it may be so,
For some of us the weight is dropping off but for a couple it’s about taking things slow.

The weeks started to come around quicker the more we were enjoying things,
With a ‘boing’ here and there to Claire informing everyone she could about her burnt shins!

The end is coming and it’s a feeling of dread, 
As we have all been so very fortunate to have been slightly spoonfed.

They’re is going to be some tears,
They’re is also a slight sense of fear.

As Wednesday approaches,
We wave goodbye to our FTT coaches.

An individual I entered knowing of only Kate,
But I leave the stadium with so many more friends who I truly appreciate.

FTT 14 you’ve brought me on a journey,
For that I have so much more confidence and behind me you’re all part of my own personal story.

 So see everyone in September for FTT 15! Do you fancy the challenge and changing your life? Keep an eye on LiveWire’s social media for when applications are open!

Thanks for reading the blog – hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into the world of FTT!




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