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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Six

Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 6

The theme of Fit To Tackle this week has been…..TOUGH LOVE!

If we could do an emoji face on here it would be that slightly pained, grimace-y one – yeah, you know the one we’re talking about…….

Monday’s weigh in, was, well – we’ve had better, let’s leave it at that. The combined group weightloss on Monday was just 6lb, meaning it was time for a bit of a telling off motivational talking to from FTT coach Tom.

Plus Wednesday’s fun relay session was cancelled in favour of a slightly more sadistic serious session, featuring plenty of the dreaded 3 FTT ‘S’s – Steps, Squats & Seats.

New Week 5 Pic 2

Tom said: “Sometimes around 6 weeks into the programme, people begin to rest on their laurels and get a little complacent with their nutrition and training.

“Wednesday was planned to be one of the more enjoyable sessions, the relays, but after a poor weigh in Monday I decided that things need to be shook up a little to re-focus everyone on the aims of the programme and their responsibilities as participants.

“We did a gruelling session including numerous steps, seats, squats and sprints, which pushed most people as close to their physical limit as they perhaps had been before.

New Week 5 Pic 4

“The response from all the participants was absolutely fantastic, and everyone walked away from the session with a fresh focus and motivation to achieve the very best they could- plus extremely fatigued!”

The group was weighed again on Weds night before the session, with a good weightloss. The group’s combined figure is 142.4kg/22st 5lbs with 12 people so far hitting that all-important 5% target.

 InkedNew Week 5 Pic 3 LI


Says Tom: “This week we had a disappointing weigh in on Monday followed by a really good weigh in Wednesday, which suggests that people may be relaxing their nutrition too much over the weekends and then being really strict during the week. This is not a sustainable approach to weight loss, as ‘binge’ days often result in a higher volume in calorie consumption of junk food in comparison to if you allowed yourself a few smaller treats over a 7 day period.”

So a more balanced approach to diet is the way to go!

Another big challenge this week as been the sunny weather, which did affect a few participants.

New Week 5 Pic 25

Explains Tom: “Training in the heat can be extremely energy sapping, which can make usually comfortable exercises seem a lot more difficult.

“It’s really important to keep hydrated pre, during and post these sessions to avoid dehydration.

“We would recommend consuming 2-3 litres of water per day, but on hotter training days it would be helpful to consume a little more as you will lose a lot of fluids via sweat.”

So a tough week for our group, but everyone is really comitted to making the most of the next 6 weeks and really getting some fantastic results both on the scales and off! (more about non-scale victories next week!)

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