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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Seven

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Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 7

Week 7 already! How has that happened? We’re over half way through Fit To Tackle 14 and really starting to see a difference in the fitness of the current group.

Last week we had a bit of a collective blip on the scales – but everyone gritted their teeth and got through it – this week saw a good weightloss with the current figure standing at 164.2kg/25st 11lbs.

But as well as what the scales say, it’s important to focus on other ways of measuring success too – so called ‘Non Scale Victories’.

These can be just as important as what the scale says, and on weeks where the scale might not be your friend, it’s important to pay attention to these other markers of progress.

They could be things like the button on your jeans feeling a bit looser, not getting out of breath on the stairs at work, or happily making better food choices rather than begrudging them!

Non Scale Victories are crucial on weeks when you plateau, or are feeling demotivated, as Fit To Tackle coach Tom explains:

“Week 7 is always a tough week for participants, as most will find that weight loss has slowed down in comparison to earlier in the programme, which can be quite demotivating leaving participants frustrated.

“The message this week was to stick with it and keep working hard, even if the scales aren’t showing big losses there are other positives to be taken each week such as fitness levels, which are remarkably better since the start for all participants, meaning that they can train at higher intensities for longer periods of time.

“Training regularly like this over a long period of time like they have for 7 weeks now, will also help participants when it comes to finishing the course and continuing to exercise afterwards.”

So the message is keep positive and focus on those NSVs! To help, here’s a few from the past FTT group, who completed their 12-weeks in April.

Jen – “I fitted into an item of clothing that I refused to take back and I was determined to get into. I did a happy dance around the house!”

Matt – “Getting a personal best in the Manchester 10K last week (PB because it was my first but we can gloss over that!)

James – “I went on a 10K bike ride and it’s actually got me buying a bike myself via the cycle to work scheme to continue on with it. Who knew biking could be so pleasurable!”

Lucy – “I dropped 2 dress sizes and bought my first bikini for my holiday in June!”

Paul – “I went from a 3XL shirt to a large, from a 40 waist to a 36”

Donna“Climbing Mount Snowdon with my kids. It took some time, was very hard and tiring, but kept going.”


FTT Week 7 C

This week also saw an epic circuits session on Monday night, that was actually a bit of an FTT first! It saw everyone working individually down a LONG line of exercises and equipment for a minute at a time.

FTT Week 7 B

Says Tom: “Monday’s session was actually a record breaker for FTT! The 60 station circuit was the biggest of its kind since the creation of FTT, and it went down a storm with everyone digging deep and working hard from start to finish.

FTT Week 7 A

“Wednesday was another tough circuit session, with the inclusion this time of plenty of steps. Week 7 has been a tough, intense week of exercise, but to their credit all the participants have got stuck in and had a real good go.”

Saturday will be a Yoga/Pilates session with Rachel, and then it’s a Monday off for the Bank Holiday – enjoy it everyone!

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