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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Four

Our new weekly blog that features all things Fit To Tackle – a free 12 week programme that sees LiveWire’s coaches and volunteer mentors guide a group of people wanting to lose weight and get fitter via 3 exercise sessions a week and nutritional guidance. Follow the current group’s progress, learn more about Fit To Tackle and perhaps pick up a few tips to get healthier and happier yourself!

Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 4!

It’s Week 4 for our current Fit To Tackle group – sometimes a bit of a tricky week as the reality of the programme kicks in (8 more weeks of THIS????), heads can drop, legs are getting tired and the odd injury niggle can start to creep in.

A great way to combat this and boost morale is a FTT favourite – relay races, which our group got to experience at Wednesday night’s session!

This involves the group splitting into two teams and racing to carry a variety of kit (kettlebells, weights, tyres etc) back and two between cones.

It’s a lot of fun, gets the heart racing and is brilliant for forging teamwork bonds.

Here’s a couple of throwback pics to the previous group – the fantastic FTT 13 – showing how relays are done!

FTT Blog Week 4 Relay 1

FTT Blog Week 4 Relay 2

LiveWire’s Tom Kearney, Fit To Tackle coach, said: “The relays are always a highlight of the programme, as it brings out everyone’s competitive side whilst also having fun. Exercising in this way allows people to work harder without actually noticing how hard they are working. At this point in the programme some people will find their motivation levels a little depleted after all they have been through so far, so we use this session not only as a great form of exercise but also a teambuilding motivational session.”

There was a good group weigh in on Monday night – combined weightloss is currently standing at 102.3kg/16st 1lb. Let’s hope for another good loss next week.

Tom said: “The overall weight loss so far is really pleasing, with almost everyone on target to hit their 5% by week 12. There are already 3 people who have hit their 5% target, which is amazing, and they are all now striving to hit 10%. There are a few bank holidays within this programme, so the fact people are still on course to achieve their goals is a really encouraging sign”

Inspiration Time!

Natalie Rose Headshot

For anyone taking part at the moment who maybe needs a bit of inspiration, look no further than Natalie Rose – the female ‘Biggest Loser’ from FTT 13.

Natalie did amazing on the last programme – losing almost 15KG in the 12 weeks.

Natalie Rose Before After Pics

Here Natalie explains why she wanted to take part in FTT, how she found it, and a few words of wisdom for the current group…

“I have always struggled with my weight and it has been easy to find reasons not to exercise – as a full time working mum of three children under five, how on earth could I fit exercise into my life? But I realised I had to make better choices if I wanted to give myself a healthier future and be around for my children as long as possible.

“I was really nervous at the first session as I can be quite shy – meeting a group of 40 strangers is not something I would normally do! But I’m so glad I did!

“The physical sessions were challenging but the coaches and mentors were there every step of the way to support, offering encouragement and adapting exercises if anyone was struggling with particular movements.

“There was absolutely no focus on who was the fastest or the strongest. Instead there was a real team spirit with everyone encouraged to challenge their own limits rather than compare themselves to others. I’m so proud of each and everyone one of the people who completed FTT with me – there was literally no stopping us on the last session!

“The nutrition sessions were also a highlight for me and really helped me to think about portion sizes and thinking about food in a more balanced way – no crazy diets or booze ban (which was just as well as our FTT group liked to socialise!) – just help and understanding so I could make conscious food choices.

“Life Changing is a term used a lot lately, but I would honestly say FTT has completed changed my life. My attitude to nutrition and exercise, my health, my energy levels, my stress levels, my mental health – all have benefited. My family and friends have all noticed changes – not just physical changed but also that I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

“I’ve also developed a love of cooking from scratch so the whole family is getting healthier.

“My words of wisdom for anyone doing FTT is to take progress pictures – I found myself getting frustrated as I was losing weight but didn’t see any difference in how my clothes fit. I started to wonder whether there was any point in carrying on and thinking of giving up – but I found comparing before and after photos helped to keep me motivated. The drop in dress sizes cam eventually!

 “My family and I will be forever thankful to everyone involved in FTT. It has been a privilege to take part. To anyone considering applying, I would say don’t overthink it, apply! And let yourself get caught in the immense wave of support and encouragement – you will be so glad you did!”

Well done Natalie! You were a pleasure to have on FTT and you absolutely smashed it!

But the final word of the week has to go to volunteer mentor Colin, who loves FTT so much – he’s named his car after it!

FTT Blog Week 4 Col Numberplate Copy

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