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NEW! Fit To Tackle Blog – Week Five


Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 5!


It’s Week 5 for our current Fit To Tackle group – almost halfway through! It’s flying by!

Well done to the current group who didn’t let the Bank Holiday stop them working out – arranging a group session in Orford Park on Bank Holiday Monday. Great commitment to the programme!

This week saw a good weight loss – with current group total standing at 129.5kg/20st 5lbs

The record is 49 stone – can FTT Group 14 top that? Time will tell!

Participants are given a 5% weightloss target by the FTT team and currently 10 people have achieved this already which is fantastic!

LiveWire’s FTT coach Tom Kearney explains the significance of achieving a 5% weightloss:

He explains: “We set all of our participants the goal of losing 5% of their body weight over 12 weeks for a couple of reasons.

“Firstly, the main message we deliver on weight loss is sustainability, which basically means that making small sustainable changes will contribute to a steady weight loss over a longer period of time whilst not feeling as though your whole lifestyle has been flipped upside down like it perhaps would when following a crash diet.

“Secondly, losing 5% contributes massively to a reduction in health risks and an improvement of overall health.”

FTT Week 5 Steps 4

Wednesday night’s session was all about……the dreaded steps. Following a warm up the group completed every step along one side of the stadium. It was pretty intense and another definite step up in terms of intensity and effort for the team. 

FTT Week 5 Steps

And the group finally was introduced to a very special ‘mentor’ – some might say legend – at the end of last night’s session…..Sally! Basically 3 and a half minutes of hell!

The ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge is dead simple, you pick one exercise – squats, push ups etc – and execute the up and down movements alongside the song/music.

FTT do squats and believe us when we say at the end of a long, hard session – it’s a big ask to do a final 3 and a half minutes of Sally!

FTT Week 5 SAlly

Says Tom: “Most people have a love/hate relationship with Sally! It’s a tough – but fun – way to finish a session. But you certainly feel it in your legs the next day!”

Current Fit To Tackler Gary said: “Sally was a brilliant end to the session. It gets everyone singing and is really good for bonding. Fun!”

Gemma added: “Sally was so hard after 28393919383 steps but it was a great end to the session!”

And Michelle said: “Sally finished the night off with a laugh for everyone after such an intense session” – before calling Sally a name we couldn’t possible repeat as we’re a family blog!

There’s plenty of videos on YouTube of the Sally Challenge – below is a link to a FTT one! Why not give it a go yourself at home and see how you get on (It’s a great one to try with the kids too, they love Sally!)

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