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Mike Leigh – His weight loss journey.

He’s enjoyed learning about making healthy food choices, exercising in the gym, and has started to do Park Run.

Mike said: “The whole way I eat and exercise has changed, and it is all due to LiveWire.
“I can’t thank Lois and Jane enough for what they have done for me. A year ago I was almost 25 stone, in the danger zone for being diabetic and my blood pressure was high. A year on I am 5 stone lighter, no longer in the danger zone for diabetes and my blood pressure is normal. 

“I have been working with Lois for just over a year now and she was the one that started me on this journey. Her advice at the start of this enabled me to be able to start training again and without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. The fact that I do not feel like I am on a diet and how much weight I have lost over a year is testament to her methods.  The time I have spent with Jane has just been amazing. For somebody to make the gym not just a pleasant experience but to make it fun and something I look forward to, is nothing short of unbelievable. 
“Going forward I would like to lose 2 more stone and to get my Park Run time under 30 minutes. I haven’t done any classes as of yet but this is something I would like to do now I am getting fitter and stronger.

LiveWire Personal Trainer Jane Banks who has worked with Mike in the gym said: Mike has been having Personal Training with me since 22nd October 2018. Prior to this date he hadn’t been in a gym for a number of years but recently starting doing the Park Run on a Sunday morning which gave him the taste to exercise. He is now extremely knowledgeable in the gym and very confident in trying new things. He is smashing new targets in the gym every week and getting fitter and stronger, session by session. Mike has been doing a large mixture of Cardio, Strength and Core Training alongside HIIT workouts.  

LiveWire Advisor Lois Blower who has overseen Mike’s weight management said: “I started meeting with Mike in February 2018 on a weekly/fortnightly basis for dietary/nutritional advice with weigh ins , and it’s been great to see him come so far in that period of time. We looked at his normal eating habits/routine initially by completing food diaries and taking photos of his meals.  We then made small tweaks to try and reduce his overall calorie intake rather than following a specific diet.”

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