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LiveWire’s disability and inclusion tennis programme set to serve up fun and fitness at Birchwood Community Hub

LiveWire proudly announces the launch of its disability and inclusion tennis programme at Birchwood Community Hub.

Committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through movement and education, Livewire aims to encourage increased participation in activities for all members of the community.

Parkinson’s friendly tennis at Birchwood Community Hub

In an exciting stride towards inclusivity, LiveWire introduces its Parkinson’s Friendly Tennis programme, tailored for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Taking place every Friday from 1-2pm at the vibrant Birchwood Community Hub, this initiative goes beyond traditional tennis by offering adapted courts and tennis games which enable those with Parkinson’s to participate in the sport and remain active.

Specially designed sessions feature adapted stations to enhance participants’ agility, balance, coordination, and strength. Engaging games not only add an element of fun but also challenge cognitive skills. All abilities are not just welcome but celebrated in this empowering environment. Participants can also opt to stay for tea and coffee from 2-2.30pm, fostering a sense of community and connection.

LiveWire’s expansive disability and inclusion programme—serving inclusivity on every court

LiveWire’s Disability and Inclusion Tennis Programme extends the sessions included with the D&I program to cater to individuals with specific requirements, providing an opportunity for all to participate in tennis at Birchwood Community Hub. The weekly schedule at Birchwood Community Hub includes:

Walking tennis over 50s: Wednesdays from 1-2pm

Visually impaired tennis: Wednesdays from 2-3pm

Wheelchair tennis: Thursdays from 2-3pm

Parkinson’s tennis: Fridays from 1-2pm (followed by tea and coffee from 2-2.30pm).

Alexandra Day, Tennis Development Manager at LiveWire, said: “We are really looking forward to launching our new disability and inclusion programme at Birchwood Community Hub. Tennis is such a unique sport in its ability to be played and adapted for any individual, long term the aim is to have something on offer for everyone!

“Our adult programme has been continuously growing since the opening of our new indoor courts in September and now we are really excited to launch the next phase of our day time offer with our new D&I programme but it doesn’t stop there.

“If there are people who feel they would like to try other adapted versions of the game that we don’t yet have in our programme we would love to hear from them. We want to stay open minded and forward thinking so any suggestions at all will be welcomed as we look to secure further funding to grow these offers.”

How to book

At an accessible cost of £3.00 per session, LiveWire aims to break down barriers and make tennis an inclusive sport for all. To join any of these invigorating sessions, contact Birchwood Community Hub at 01925 458130 or email

LiveWire invites the community to spread the word and embrace the joy of tennis, making Birchwood Community Hub the go-to destination for inclusive and engaging sports activities.


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