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LiveWire’s free Fit To Tackle bootcamp celebrates 37 stone weight loss success

Warrington residents aiming to kick weight worries into touch are celebrating after losing a combined 37 stone on LiveWire’s hugely popular free 12-week Fit To Tackle programme.

Thirty Three people enjoyed their final bootcamp session at Warrington Wolves’ Halliwell Jones Stadium on Wednesday 3rd April. The scales showed a combined group weightloss of 37st 3lbs (236.3KG) with 24 people (73% of participants) shedding at least 5% of their body weight.

Participants completed three exercise sessions a week, as well as other events aimed at improving their mental health and wellbeing such as a moving talk, from former Rugby League star Danny Sculthorpe, about his battle with depression and a nutrition advice session from Chester University’s Dr Tom Butler.

Tom Kearney, Lifestyles Advisor at LiveWire and Fit To Tackle coach said: “Our latest Fit To Tackle cohort have done fantastically well over the past 12 weeks, losing 37 stone collectively and 73% of participants achieving their 5% weight loss goal.

“The results are really impressive, but the difference as a coach that I can see in individuals from when they started, far exceeds this. I’m really proud of everyone that has taken part, and I’ve got every confidence that they will continue with their improved lifestyles.

“We are running straight into the next programme and are looking forward to meeting the new intake, setting them on course to continue where the last group left off.”

Participants have paid tribute to the programme and to LiveWire’s Fit To Tackle coaches and the volunteer mentors who have supported them throughout the three months.

Sue Clerkin, 48, from Orford, said: “This course has changed my life. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years, lost weight but also gained friends and confidence. Training at ‘the’ best RL ground has been a privilege that I will never forget. FTT also stands for Friends Train Together.”

Matt Forrest, 38, from Fairfield, said: “It’s been an absolutely amazing experience that pushes you to the limit – but if you put the effort in, you’ll get your rewards. The mentors and team push you but support you as well, and don’t ask you to do anything they wouldn’t, or haven’t done themselves. The course helps with not just losing weight and getting fit but also with mental health and changing your attitudes to exercise. Most of all it is good fun and you meet some lovely people.”

Donna-Louise Adamson, 38, Orford, said: “Right from the start we were made to feel as part of a team – no not a team, a family – we encouraged each other, no one was competing to be “star of the week” we all had our own goals and could share our journey, or choose not to. I am genuinely so truly thankful for everything. I now have the knowledge and skills to carry on my journey, getting healthier, fitter and stronger.” 

Hannah Potter, 30, from Great Sankey, said: “I feel so lucky to have been part of the Fit To Tackle family! We have got so much more than just numbers on scales from this. I have gained a whole group of friends!”

Fit To Tackle’s next 12-week programme – that saw over 300 people apply – launches on Monday 8th April.

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