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Learn to Swim Assessment dates for 2024

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At LiveWire, we collaborate with Swim England as their trusted partner. We guide individuals through every step of their swimming journey, starting from their very first moments in the water as babies, teaching them how to swim as children, and offering opportunities for club swimming. We also provide adult swimming lessons to help everyone become confident swimmers.

Not yet part of our Learn 2 swim programs? We offer lessons for all ages and abilities at each of our leisure centres.

We can now announce the Learn to Swim Assessment dates for the year 2024. These assessments play a crucial role in tracking the progress of our young swimmers, ensuring they are well on their way to becoming confident and skilled in the water.

Learn to Swim Assessment Dates for 2024

  1. Week beginning 8th January
  2. Week beginning 12th February
  3. Week beginning 18th March
  4. Week beginning 22nd April
  5. Week beginning 27th May
  6. Week beginning 1st July
  7. Week beginning 5th August
  8. Week beginning 9th September
  9. Week beginning 14th October
  10. Week beginning 18th November
  11. Week beginning 16th December

If, for any reason, your child misses an assessment, they will have to wait until the next scheduled date for a complete evaluation of their progress. Please note that this rule applies to everyone, except for new starters who join the programme.

Why are these assessments so important?

These assessments are scheduled every 5 weeks and are vital for monitoring the progress of our budding swimmers.

Our swim lesson Instructors conduct swim assessments based on specific guidelines. They assess not only swim strokes but also broader water survival skills, ensuring your child learns essential skills to be a competent swimmer.

Assessing your child’s swimming ability can be challenging for parents, especially if they didn’t grow up on a swim team or take swim lessons themselves. Our instructors are experienced in evaluating body mechanics and can provide valuable insights on correct hand, body, head, leg, and hip positions during swimming.

Participating in a swim assessment allows us to get to know your family better and helps us place your child in the right swim lesson stage. This personalised approach ensures your child learns in a positive environment, increasing their chances of success.

Most importantly, swim assessments are FUN! Our instructors create a positive and enjoyable experience for every child. If your child feels unsure about their swimming abilities, a swim assessment with one of our swim instructors not only helps them learn but also makes the process enjoyable.

With LiveWire, there’s no rush when it comes to water safety. We focus on ensuring all swimmers are happy and safe around water. Whether your child excels or needs more time, our instructors will guide them until they are ready to move to the next swim stage. Safety and confidence always come first!

Your Concerns Are Our Priority

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the assessment dates or your child’s participation. Our dedicated team is here to support you and your child every step of the way. Please feel free to contact Livewire to us if you do have any questions.

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