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Kit4All Scheme: Equipping Warrington’s Children with Sports Gear


In a move to support local children’s access to sports, LiveWire has announced a new scheme, Kit4All, which encourages residents to donate their unneeded, but decent quality, sports clothing and equipment, which will in turn be distributed to children across Warrington.

Local company, 1895 Sports, has demonstrated their unwavering support for the cause by making a generous donation of high-quality sports equipment and clothing, igniting the campaign with enthusiasm and momentum.

The aim of the Kit4All initiative is to alleviate the challenge of access to proper sports equipment for children. Lack of sports gear has often been identified as a significant barrier preventing many children from participating in sports and other physical activities.

Donations accepted by LiveWire for the Kit4All scheme include trainers, sports kits – tracksuits, tops, shorts – shin pads, and bike helmets. The company emphasises that non-sports related clothing items such as school shoes, or other clothing, cannot be accepted for this program.

Paul Flannery, LiveWire’s Community Sports Development Manager, shared his enthusiasm about the scheme, stating, “Through the Kit4All initiative, we hope to eliminate some of the obstacles that prevent children from getting involved in sports. We encourage our community to help make this possible by donating their unneeded sports gear.”

“1895 Sports is delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile cause. Whilst it is of course a shame that these projects are needed in these times we hope to be able to donate all of our excess sportswear to the project to enable children within Warrington to participate in the sports they love,” said Sam Wareing, Managing Director of 1895 Sports.

LiveWire’s community-focused commitment to promoting health and well-being is embodied in the Kit4All scheme. It seeks to foster an inclusive environment where all children, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, have equal opportunities to participate in sports.

Community members interested in contributing to the Kit4All scheme can drop their donations at Orford Jubilee Hub in Warrington. All collected items will be carefully sorted, cleaned, and handed over to children in need within the community.

Through the Kit4All scheme, LiveWire hopes to inspire a love for sports and an active lifestyle among the younger generation in Warrington who may not otherwise have had access to the activities through lack of equipment.

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