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It’s the half way point for Val and her team on Fit To Tackle

Fit To Tackle is a 12 week programme ran by LiveWire in partnership with the Warrington Wolves. Fit To Tackle programme aims to:

  • Tackle your waist line
  • Tackle your health
  • Tackle your friends
  • Tackle your fitness

As we hit the half way point of this current programme, we’ve sat down with Val who is a current member of Fit To Tackle to see how her journey is going.  Take it away Val…..

“Well, this is the start of week 6! It has been such an experience for all the staff. Some of the workouts have been harder than others but everyone has put 100% into it. It has been so tough for them sometimes but not one of them has made any excuses to drop out or even go and sit down for a few minutes. Although they are finding it tough they all love the camaraderie, and the help from the mentors is incredible. They have all said that it is the encouragement from the mentors that keeps them going.

Some are struggling with getting their food right and the weight losses haven’t been as good as we wanted but we are taking steps to help one another to make better decisions about what we are eating and our portion sizes. We are all doing food diaries and we are going to start texting pictures of our meals.

Everyone one of the girls realise that this is such an opportunity for them to change their lifestyles and that this is a ‘for life’ change that will help them throughout their life to stay healthy. They are beginning to understand that there are no quick fixes and that this course is giving them the knowledge to help themselves.

We are now thinking that we want to do a campaign within the surgery for all our patients to see the positive outcomes from exercise and healthy eating. Everyone needs to realise that this is necessary for a healthy life and that it will help them with their long term conditions, their bad backs and painful joints and their mental health too.”

We love hearing all about your fitness journey’s!


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