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Highest smoking quit success rates on record

LiveWire’s smoking quit rates are up 32% in 2017/18 compared to the previous year, and significantly higher than the average since 2013.

LiveWire’s stop smoking service provides free specialist stop smoking support and advice to encourage people in the Warrington area to quit.

The service helped 1,158 people to quit smoking in one year (2017/18). 

LiveWire has been helping people in Warrington to quit or reduce smoking for over six years and have a very high success rate with around 74% of people they helped in 2017/18 achieving their goals.

Smoking remains the largest cause of preventable death in England.

Neil Morley, Lifestyles Manager, said: “Far too many people are still dying as a result of smoking but there has never been a better time to quit. The culture has changed, strong legislation is in place and effective support is available.”


Want help to quit?

LiveWire offers a range of tools and support to help Warrington residents stop smoking, including walk-in clinics, digital services such as online support, and one to one appointments with an advisor.

If you live in Warrington and want to quit, the free service is available to you.  Maybe you’ve tried to stop smoking before and it didn’t work, or there are other challenges that are making it difficult for you to stop. We offer free support, at a number of community venues across Warrington, to help you succeed in stopping smoking.

Visit the Lifestyle section of the LiveWire website for more information about LiveWire’s stop smoking service –


Long-term smoker quits after smoking for 60-years

Three months ago the life of a long-term smoker in Warrington was changed when he was finally able to quit smoking for good with the help of LiveWire’s stop smoking service.

The 72-year old gentleman, who had smoked for 60 years, wanted desperately to quit smoking, but thought it would be impossible to quit.

The Latchford resident said: “I’m delighted that LiveWire’s stop smoking team has helped me to quit smoking.  I didn’t think it was possible to quit smoking after 60 years.

“I’m already seeing the benefits of quitting smoking so I’m now determined to stay smoke-free.”

About LiveWire

LiveWire is not only the biggest stop smoking provider in Warrington, it has also provided lifestyles, leisure and library services in Warrington since May 2012. All profits from its growing ventures are reinvested in services, staff and the local community.




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