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Healthy Tip Of The Week

Here are some healthier takeaway options you can tuck in to, without feeling guilty…


Worst choice: Chicken korma and pilau rice

1,100 calories, 60g fat

Better choice: Chicken biryani

730 calories, 24g fat

Best choice: Tandoori chicken with half a naan or half portion of boiled rice

380 calories, 10g fat



Worst choice: McDonald’s Big Tasty large meal with banana milkshake

1,640 calories, 89g fat

Better choice: Cheese Burger, small fries and diet coke

530 calories, 23g Fat

Best choice:

Garlic Mayo Chicken Wrap, Shaker side salad Salad, diet coke

393 calories 21g Fat



Worst choice: Battered sweet and sour pork with special fried rice

1,100 calories, 37g fat

Better choice: Chicken chow mein

860 calories, 30g fat

Best choice: Szechuan prawns and vegetables with half a portion of steamed rice

589 calories, 14g fat



Worst choice: Half a large stuffed-crust, meat feast pizza

1,600 calories, 70g fat

Better choice: Individual ham and pineapple pizza

772 calories, 26g fat

Best choice: Half a medium tuna, anchovy and olive pizza

403 calories, 15g fat



Worst choice: Pie and large chips

927 calories, 50g fat

Better choice: Medium cod or haddock and chips

838 calories, 48g fat

Best choice: Mini-cod and a potato scallop

555 calories, 30g fat



Worst Choice: Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt

518 calories, 20.2g Fat

Better Choice: Chicken Teriyaki

322 calories, 3.8g Fat

Best Choice: Turkey Breast

277 calories, 3.2g Fat

(Based on a 6 inch sub on wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes onions, green peppers and cucumbers)



Worst choice: Chipotle Southwest sauce

90 calories, 9.2g Fat

Better Choice: Lite Mayo

50 calories, 5.1g Fat

Best Choice: Sweet Onion or Honey Mustard

32 calories, 0.1g Fat


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