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Free PT Workshops for YOU this summer!

Free training taster sessions to kickstart your summer fitness

This summer, we invite members to join a series of free Personal Training (PT) Workshops at our sites across Warrington, starting on the 1st July.

These classes, designed to accommodate all fitness levels, aim to offer a taster to attendees who want to get in shape, learn new skills, and maximise their training.

Among the available taster-session workshops are:

Summer Sculpt FITBOX: This beginner-friendly class focuses on teaching the basics of boxing, improving stance, footwork, and essential punches. Attendees can look forward to a fun, calorie-burning taster.

Abs Burner: Learn a variety of exercises designed to improve posture, prevent injuries, and boost overall strength, all while targeting the core.

Masterclass: Core and Strengthening – Kinesis cable machine: Participants will learn how to make the most of the Kinesis machine, a versatile piece of equipment that allows for hundreds of different exercises.

Stronger for Summer: Weights for Beginners: This workshop provides an introduction to strength training, covering fixed-stack, free-weights, and bodyweight exercises. Attendees will learn how to structure a full-body routine that suits their goals, whether they’re looking to tone up, build muscle, or improve posture.

Beach Body Blast & Fitter for Summer: These 30-minute HIIT-style classes are perfect for those with busy schedules. These high-intensity sessions can be easily replicated at home and offer impressive results in a short period.

Lower Body Sculpt and Strength: This taster session targets the lower physique, enhancing strength and defining legs and glutes.

LiveWire’s PT Taster Workshops offer a fantastic opportunity to meet fitness goals, learn from experts, and mix up usual workout routines. They are free and open to all LiveWire members, making this summer the perfect time to kickstart or upgrade your fitness journey.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to get expert advice and training at no cost. Join us at LiveWire, and let’s make this summer one of health, strength, and fitness!

To secure your FREE place, visit PT Workshops • Livewire ( now.

We look forward to welcoming you along to one of the sessions.

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