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Fit To Tackle Week 11

Fit To Tackle Blog – Week 11

How we are nearly at the end of our 12 week programme already?  It’s week 11 this week and with one more week left to go we are pleased to announce the group has lost 33st 4lbs so far!!!!

This week we had our penultimate weigh in, and we were re told how far away from our 5% target if we hadn’t already hit it. We all hope to hit or go above our target by the final week.


Let’s see what Tom thinks about this week’s session, over to you tom….

The majority of the group have now passed their target, but for those who haven’t the message was to really knuckle down and try and get those last few pounds off. Last night’s session will certainly help them towards that as it was a tough one!

The group completed a mile run, four laps of the pitch, to start the session which is a huge achievement for everyone considering at week one most couldn’t run one lap never mind four. After this they did some work on the steps and some upper body strength work on the bars. The effort throughout the session was really impressive and shows how far each person has come since week one, and the emphasis now will shift to how they can maintain the improvements they have made after leaving us on week 12.


The best exit route is onto our FTT Bootcamp session which is proving massively popular amongst ex fit to tacklers and people who have never attended the programme before. The sessions incorporate some of the methods used at FTT but also introduces participants to new ways of training that they won’t have tried before

Thanks Tom – as we all start to think of what we will do after the programme the Bootcamp is a great way to keep us on track and still be a part of our community we have grown.  This week’s bootcamp looked fun and tough too, we are excited to start soon.



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