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First-of-its-kind ‘children and vaping’ awareness session

LiveWire's Stop Smoking Team Hosts First-of-its-kind Free 'Parental Vape Education Session' To Raise Awareness About Vaping Risks In Children

LiveWire’s Stop Smoking Team hosts first-of-its-kind free ‘Parental Vape Education Session’ to raise awareness about vaping risks in children

LiveWire’s dedicated Stop Smoking Team is proud to announce the upcoming ‘Parental Vape Education Session’ on Thursday, 15th June, from 6pm to 7pm, at Pyramid in Warrington.
This groundbreaking free event aims to provide parents with vital information and education regarding the prevalence of vaping in schools and the potential dangers it poses to children.

The session will shed light on the lack of long-term research on the health impacts of vaping, particularly on children whose bodies are still developing, plus the dangers of illicit vaping products that are being made available to teenagers.

Sign up for a free place here.

Increased popularity among young people

Vaping has become increasingly popular among young individuals, and the need for parental awareness and understanding is paramount.

According to recent statistics, the number of teenagers experimenting with e-cigarettes has risen significantly. In 2022, 15.8% of 11-17 year olds had tried vaping, compared to 11.2% in 2021 and 13.9% in 2020. Moreover, 7.0% of 11-17 year olds were current users in 2022, as opposed to 3.3% in 2021 and 4.1% in 2020.

It is concerning to note that the potential health risks associated with vaping remain largely unknown, especially in children. Their bodies are still in the crucial stage of development, and exposing them to addictive substances may have long-term consequences. The early onset of addictive behaviours during childhood significantly increases the likelihood of addiction in adulthood.

LiveWire’s ‘Parental Vape Education Session’ is a first-of-its-kind event specifically designed to address the pressing issue of vaping among children. The session will offer crucial insights into the risks associated with vaping and equip parents with the knowledge and tools to safeguard their child’s health and well-being.

Raising awareness to work together and empower parents

“We are excited to bring this unique educational event to the community,” said Tom Kearney, LiveWire’s Stop Smoking lead, said: “The aim is to empower parents with accurate information about vaping, as well as highlight the importance of open conversations with their children. By raising awareness, we can work together to protect the next generation from potential harm.”

The session will cover various topics, including the prevalence of vaping in schools, the absence of long-term research on health impacts, and the negative implications of developing an addiction at an early age. Attendees will gain valuable insights, practical tips, and resources to engage in constructive dialogue with their children about vaping.

Parents interested in attending the ‘Parental Vape Education Session’ can register by signing up here.

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