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Farewell to LiveWire’s Managing Director, Emma Hutchinson

Emma Hutchinson Leaves LiveWire

This week we, at LiveWire bid a heartfelt farewell to a cornerstone of our organisation, our esteemed Managing Director, Emma Hutchinson. After ten transformative years with us, Emma is moving onto a new chapter.

Emma’s journey with LiveWire began in 2012, when she joined us as the Business Development Manager.

Her strategic insight, commitment, passion for her team, and drive were instrumental in crafting the organisation’s initial success story, earning her a well-deserved promotion to Managing Director in 2015.

Unwavering passion for our mission

In her role as MD, Emma has consistently demonstrated leadership of the highest calibre, innovation, and an unwavering passion for our mission. Her guidance helped us navigate even the most challenging of waters, including the recent global pandemic.

Under Emma, LiveWire has not just survived but thrived, fostering and broadening leisure, lifestyle and libraries to the communities within Warrington, and profoundly enhancing the lives of our community.

As Emma moves forwards to her next role, she will be returning to her early career passion – working with and creating opportunities for the youth. She will be joining Bolton Lads and Girls Club, a prominent UK charity and one of the largest youth clubs, with a membership of over 4,000 young people.

Emma’s departure is indeed a significant loss for us, but we are incredibly proud and supportive of her new journey. You’ve made a lasting impact on LiveWire, Emma, and we have no doubt you’ll continue to make a difference at Bolton Lads and Girls Club. We wish you every success in your new role. Thanks for everything!

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