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COOKING WITH LOIS | Overnight Oats

Really quick and nutritious breakfast​.

Ingredients – serves 1

100ml Milk – you can use any milk that’s available to you, including plant-based such as coconut and almond milk.
1 heaped tbsp Yoghurt (optional) – gives the oats a creamy thicker texture and and some added protein.
1 tbsp Chia seeds (optional) – If you’ve never used these before , start! They are a complete protein and a source of omega 3. (You can pick them up cheap in Aldi)
Sweetener (optional) – small squeeze of honey or maple syrup works quite well.

Toppings – whatever you have in.

Fruit- try to add a handful of fresh or tinned fruit to your oats In the morning.  If you use frozen, then add to the oats when making them or leave to defrost separately and add on top in the morning.
Spices- cinnamon goes well or vanilla essence.
Nut butters – small teaspoon (be careful of portion)
Crushed nuts- almonds, walnuts etc

*combine your oats, milk, yoghurt, seeds and sweetener ins bowl and mix well.
(If using frozen fruit, you can add this in now too).
*cover your bowl with clingfilm and leave in the fridge overnight .
*in the morning add your favourite toppings and enjoy.

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