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Cooking With Lois – Mango Chicken Salad

Mango Chicken Salad

Mango Chicken Salad – serves 2


*1 spring onion thinly slice

*1 carrot , grated

*1 red chilli, de seeded and thinly chopped

*1 packet of coriander roughly chopped

*1/2 mango chopped in 1 cm pieces (can use frozen too)

*2 chicken breasts 

*2 tbsp soy sauce

*1 tbsp honey 

*1 lime

*150g basmati rice 



* Prepare all your vegetables as stated above

* Cook your rice as shown on the packet

 * Make your marinade by zesting half of the lime, half of the coriander, 1/2tbsp honey, Pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil in a large bowl

* Next butterfly your chicken by slicing into It from the side and opening it up like a book. Add to the bowl with the marinade

* Coat the chicken fully with the marinade and then transfer to a baking tray. Put under the grill for 12-15 minutes

* Make the dressing by mixing the soy sauce, 1/2 tbsp honey, juice from 1/2 lime in to a small bowl

* Once the rice is done add the grated carrot, spring onion, zest of 1/2 lime ,the remaining coriander and mango and gently mix everything together

* Once the chicken is done, thinly slice and serve on top of the rice mix and a sprinkling of red chilli

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