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BFI classic TV now available at LiveWire Libraries

BFI Replay, the innovative digital archive from the British Film Institute, is now available at LiveWire libraries across the UK.

This free service offers public access to a treasure trove of screen history, spanning 60 years and featuring a wide array of content, from classic TV shows and interviews with iconic figures to groundbreaking multicultural programmes.

Highlights of the BFI Replay collection include beloved British soap operas, children’s TV favourites like Metal Mickey and Animal Kwackers, and insightful interviews with literary and cinematic stars such as Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, and Robin Williams. The archive also includes significant material from ITV and Channel 4, offering a comprehensive view of public life in the video era.

Funded by the National Lottery and supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, BFI Replay has digitised 100,000 items, preserving them from technical obsolescence. The service is part of a larger effort to make these invaluable cultural artefacts accessible to a wider audience.

The launch of BFI Replay at LiveWire libraries is a significant step in bringing this rich screen history to the public. It aligns with the broader role of libraries as cultural hubs, providing access not only to books but also to a diverse range of activities and resources. BFI Replay enriches this cultural offering, allowing library visitors to explore and connect with the UK’s vibrant screen heritage.

For more information and to explore the BFI Replay collections, visit your local LiveWire library or check out the BFI website at

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