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Membership FAQs

Starter - FREE membership allowing access to leisure and library services/facilities.

Saver - A single annual payment which offers a range of benefits/ discounts.

Select - Are the top level memberships which will include all-inclusive access to leisure facilities.

We can set up access to our different services, to keep customers informed about LiveWire news and offers, and to improve experience with things such as online bookings.

New members can join at any LiveWire leisure or library site or online at www.livewirewarrington.co.uk 

Due to the discounts that concessionary/reduced rate members receive it is necessary that we check their qualifying criteria before they join on the reduced rate membership. This qualifying criteria evidence needs to be presented to a member of staff on site.

Customers are joining LiveWire as a Starter member which spans all LiveWire services. All new members must sign a health commitment statement, as all LiveWire memberships permit access to leisure facilities.

We will transfer member’s information to populate both library and leisure systems making it easier for customers to use all the services that LiveWire provides.

The dual use card will cost existing members £1.50.

The continuous cash option has been removed as a direct result of customer feedback. The continuous cash option causes problems when customers start to accrue debt, providing barriers to members coming in to sites because of the debts on their accounts. The new pay as you go option will not allow for debt to be accrued. The pay as you go option also allows members to take payment breaks whenever they like.

  1. Switch to Pay as you go - One month period cash payments. This option will cost 10% more than the DD option.
  2. Switch to Direct debit – Reduced rate direct debit membership, allows customers to keep a higher level of discount and take advantage of member loyalty price freezes.
  3. Switch to Annual – Reduced rate annual membership, allows customers to keep a higher level of discount and take advantage of member loyalty price freezes.

Due to the large discount that concessionary members receive it is imperative that we know they should be in receipt of that discount and so ongoing checks will be in place.

This new membership has been created in line with the government changes to compulsory education being increased until the age of 18.

To continue on their current rate, annual members must renew their membership before the expiry date. E.g. if a members expiry date is the 25th September, they must renew on or before the 25th September.

Full details will be available via the LiveWire website at www.livewirewarrington.co.uk 

The pay as you go option allows the flexibility of payment breaks, and so does not constitute a continuous membership. If a direct debit member chooses to cancel for one month and then return they will also lose their loyalty rate.

As of the 3rd January 2017 all junior, junior plus and youth plus memberships now include anytime swimming.

As of the 3rd January 2017 juniors can join from the age of 4 years.

As of the 2nd January 2019, Youth Plus members aged 14 and 15 can access the fitness suite and fitness classes until 6pm Monday-Friday and after 2pm on weekends. Youth members must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 and above.

As of the 3rd January 2017 juniors aged 14 – 15years can access fitness classes within their membership time frame, they must be accompanied by an adult and restrictions apply. Junior members outside of membership time frames and non-members can access fitness classes for a reduced price of £3.50.

As stated in LiveWire terms and conditions we can change/remove any of the additional benefits without prior notice. This allows us the flexibility to constantly improve the offers available to our members.

Last entry to the fitness suite for Daytime members is now set for 4.30pm (Mon – Fri) with the exit time being 5pm.

As of the 3rd January 2017 the pro rata cut-off date will be the 15th of the month rather than the 1st.

Yes members can suspend their membership for a minimum of 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months. A one off fee of £5 will be charged which will enable members to keep their loyalty membership price.

A member must cancel in person at site by completing a member review form. It states in LiveWire’s terms and conditions that upon notice of cancellation one final payment will be taken. E.g. – If a member cancels on the 25th of the month the direct debit taken on that day will be their last payment. However if a member cancels on the 28th of the month the payment on the 25th of the following month will be their last payment.

There will be a time delay whilst we transfer the data across all LiveWire systems; however this should take no longer than 24 hours in most cases. If members require instant access to both services then the member of staff should make arrangements to call the relevant library/leisure site to immediately transfer the data.

  • Select members = £6.99pm
  • Non-members / Starter & Saver = £8.99pm

For extended details please visit www.livewirewarrington.co.uk/lesmillsOD

Non-members, Starter and Saver members can all sign up online at www.livewirewarrington.co.uk/lesmillsOD 

Select customers will be asked to complete an application form which staff will then process through the Les Mills On Demand online joining system. Staff members will need to input a code through the FastDD website in order to show the reduced Select member fee

Yes, LiveWire’s terms and conditions have been amended to reflect the new membership structure and to ensure LiveWire is protected.

As per LiveWire’s terms and conditions this will be communicated via posters at sites, a website news article and links via social media.