'Live well with LiveWire'

On average, people who smoke 20 cigarettes a day, spend an estimated £232 per month, that’s over £2,500 a year! You can find out how much you could save by using our handy calculator below.  By quitting smoking there are many things that the extra money could be put towards, whether it’s booking a family holiday, buying a new car or paying off some bills, stopping smoking will make life easier.

By using this calculator tool you can see how much smoking is costing you on a yearly basis. All you need to do as add in the price you pay for either a 10 pack or 20 pack and click next. Then pop in the amount of cigarettes you smoke and it will calculate how much you spend per year.

For example if you smoke 12 a day, you input the price you pay for 20 cigarettes and click next, then put the number 12 in on the next calculator and it will calculate how much smoking 12 cigs a day costs you, for the price you pay per pack.