'Live well with LiveWire'

Introducing our newest programme 'Cook Smart'… a sociable cooking group for adults with little or no experience in the kitchen. The programme will focus on cooking delicious food from scratch whilst learning about healthy eating principles, using Public Health's Change For Life materials.


What can you expect from this course?

- All ingredients and resources are provided for, so you just need to bring yourself (and maybe a

   food container if you would like to take any leftovers home)

- Weekly sessions that are broken down into key food areas; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

- The chance to develop safe cooking skills and increase your confidence with different foods in the


- Learn how to make your food go further whilst still being healthier

- Take home resources so you can try similar recipes at home with your new found skills

- An opportunity to improve personal and social skills, explore progression pathways, volunteering

   or work.


Cost: FREE *NB you must have completed a referral form below prior to attending to confirm any allergies or medical conditions that may affect the planning and delivery of the course.


To book please complete the Booking form you can download here or contact us on 0300 003 0818