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You can use your card in any LiveWire library to borrow books, DVDs and to use the computers.

  • Library users may borrow up to 10 items.
  • Please note: You can only have four DVDs on loan at one time.

Please bring your library card with you on each visit.

ItemLoan PeriodIs there a charge?
Books3 weeksNo
DVDs1 weekYes
Talking books3 weeksYes
Language courses3 weeksNo
Open learning3 weeksNo

You are responsible for your library card and anything issued on it.   You should never let anyone else use your card.  You will be asked to pay a replacement cost for anything which is lost or damaged while on loan to you.

Your card gives you access to use a computer free of charge for up to 1 hour per day.

What if I lose my card?

Please let us know immediately if your card is lost or stolen to prevent misuse.

You can purchase a replacement card for a charge of £1.50

Can I keep items on my card for longer?

Items can be renewed

  • in person at any library
  • by phoning any library
  • by post - please quote your library card number 
  • by using our online service.  You will need your card number and PIN to do this.

Books and talking books can be renewed up to three times before they must be returned to a library. DVDs and language courses can be renewed up to three times.  If a charge is made for the loan of an item a new charge will be made for each renewal.

Items in demand will not be renewed and users will be asked to return them as soon as possible.

What happens if I return items late?

For adults there is a daily charge of 14p per book, up to a maximum of £3 per overdue book.

Children aged 12 and under pay charges on overdue DVDs but not on overdue books.

Please note that children’s books borrowed on adult tickets will be charged at the adult rate.

For young people aged 13-17 years old there is a daily charge of 7p per overdue book, up to a maximum of £1 per book.

For concession cardholders, and users aged 60 years and over, there is a daily charge of 7p per book.

You can sign up for an email reminder that your items are due for return/renewal three days in advance; please visit your local library or use the update details request form here


Loan charges

Talking books

  • £1.50 (75p concessions) for three weeks
  • Children’s talking books are FREE for three weeks
  • There is no charge for persons who have difficulty reading print or handling books


  • £1.00 for 1 week (50p concessions)

Open learning and language courses

  • Free for three weeks

Photocopies (Warrington Library only)

  • 10p per sheet (A4)
  • 20p per sheet (A3)
  • Archives and local studies have separate charges


There is a charge for reservations of stock held in LiveWire libraries of 50p per book (25p concessionary rate).  The charge will apply whether the reservation is placed online or in a library.  The charge will cover the administration and delivery of the reservations and will be applied at the point when the book is reserved, regardless of whether the book is collected.  Reservations for LiveWire library stock will remain FREE for children, housebound, group tickets, childminders, foster carers, people with free talking book provision.   If the item reserved is not held by LiveWire and has to be obtained from a library outside of Warrington the charge is £5.25.

Computer charges

  • First 60 minutes per day across Warrington free of charge. Charges apply for extra time £1 for up to an hour (concessions 50p)
  • Memory sticks: £7 each
  • Printing: 15p per page (black and white)  55p per page (colour)


Receiving a fax:

  • 55p per sheet received

Sending a fax:

  • UK: £1.05 for first sheet, 65p for subsequent sheets
  • Europe: £2.10 for first sheet, 65p for subsequent sheets
  • Rest of world: £3.15 for first sheet, 65p for subsequent sheets