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These lists show a selection of the most popular new books which have just arrived in libraries or are due soon. 

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There is a charge for reservations of 50p per book (25p concessionary rate).Reservations are FREE for children, housebound, group tickets, childminders, foster carers, people with free talking book provision.  

The charge will be applied to your library account when the the reservations is placed. The charge will cover the administration and delivery of the reservations and will be applied regardless of whether the book is collected. Payment will be made at the library.

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Baker, Anne The Orphan's Gift
Bomann, Anne Cathrine Agatha
Burstall, Emma The Girl Who Came Home to Cornwall
Butcher, Jim Peace Talks
Cohen,Tammy Stop at Nothing
Cook, Robin Genesis
Everett, Felicity The Move
Hilton, Matt Rough Justice
Lindsay, Jeff Just Watch Me
Patterson, James Lost
Steel Danielle Spy
Tremayne, S K The Assistant

Baldacci, David - A Minute to Midnight
Bradford, Barbara Taylor -  In the Lion's Den
Chizmar, Richard - Gwendy's Magic Feather
Clark, Mary Higgins - Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry
Crichton, Michael - Andromeda Evolution
Cussler, Clive - Final Option
Ellis, Bella - The Vanished Bride
Evanovich, Janet - Twisted Twenty-Six
Isaac, Catherine - Messy, Wonderful Us
Jardine, Quintin - The Bad Fire
Kernick, Simon - Die Alone
Patterson, James - Criss Cross
Rankin, Ian - Westwind
Roberts, Nora - The Rise of Magicks
Rose, Karen - Into the Dark
Scarrow, Simon - Traitors of Rome
Smith, Alexander McCall - Pianos and Flowers
Walker, Fiona - Country Lovers