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Research shows that reading is the best way to relax – just 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds. LiveWire libraries have thousands of books to choose from, both in libraries and through their e-book collection

Mood-boosting Books is a national promotion from the Reading Agency. Ordinary readers from across the country have put together lists of books that they feel have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Pick up a leaflet in a library or find out more about Mood Boosting Books

Books for Tough Times

When we're facing tough times, it can help to read a book about someone dealing with difficult times too. It can make us feel less alone, provide insight and inspiration. Books like this can also support the family and friends of people dealing with tough issues and help us to understand what they're going through, for great ideas of books take a look at the lists for adults and teens which have been compiled by the librarians at Livewire.