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eBooks are free to borrow from the download library 

Titles can be enjoyed immediately through a browser for those items that have a Preview option or transferred to a variety of devices, including the Apple iPad, Sony Reader and many others.

You can download the Libro App from iTunes and Google Play

Only readers that support the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in either ePub or PDF format can view our eBooks.  Please check your readers guide to see whether it supports these formats or visit Adobe Digital Editions website (supported devices).

Getting started

A library card and PIN is required to use this free service. To get a PIN please visit a local library

To join a library visit a local library or join online

You will need an Adobe ID to download eBooks with the new system.

Many borrowers will already have an Adobe ID as you needed this when first setting up the previous provider Overdrive. An Adobe ID is needed to authenticate your eReader for use with the Askews & Holts eBook service. When a title is downloaded, it is locked to your Adobe ID. This prevents unauthorised sharing of our titles. 

All your devices must be assigned the same Adobe ID for them to be able to read your loan titles.

Your Adobe ID will normally be the email address you used when you first signed up for an Adobe ID. There is also a forgotten password link. If you do not have one you can create one in advance at the Adobe web site.

LibroAppLibro is a free app which lets you borrow and read eBooks from LiveWire Libraries. This app is available from

iTunes store 

Google Play

During the set up of the app you will be asked to select your library.  Search for LiveWire Warrington Libraries.

Mobile devices

For Apple devices a prompt to enter an Adobe ID will appear during the initial set up of the App. For Android devices this will be prompted for when you first download or read eBooks.

There is a link on the APP to set up a new Free Adobe ID if you don’t have one.   

Borrowers that currently use the Overdrive App on your device will need to download a new App called Libro. 


For PC/MAC users eBooks are downloaded using the standard eBook software Adobe Digital Editions. If you already have this installed on your PC then the new Ebooks service should work with this in the same way it did with Overdrive.

If you are new to the eBooks service then first time you try to download an eBook you will be prompted to download and install Adobe Digital Editions. The software is available for Free at http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ 


The Adobe Digital Editions software can be used by some eReaders to transfer the eBook from the LiveWire eBook website to your device. If you currently obtain Overdrive eBooks this way then this will be the same process for the new Askews & Holts service.   For other eReaders please refer to you devices guidelines.

Amazon Kindle Readers

Amazon have strict controls over allowing 3rd party eBooks on their device and as such we are unable to offer any support  for reading library eBooks on an Amazon platform.  There are eReader apps available for the Kindle Fire devices, but we cannot offer support with this as it is not supported by our suppliers.

A guide is available to downoad for further details on using the service

Project Gutenberg

gutenberg logoProject Gutenberg is a free service which offers over 39,000 ebooks in a variety of formats. These books are free to download or read online because their copyright has expired in the United States. Project Gutenberg ebooks were all previously published by bona fide publishers. Thousands of volunteers digitise and diligently proofread the ebooks to ensure the quality is high. Project Gutenberg is entirely separate to the Askews & Holts service and this link is supplied for information only. LiveWire does not have any agreement with or connection to Project Gutenberg and we cannot offer support on using this website.