'Live well with LiveWire'

In this section you can find information relating to LiveWire's policies and customer charter.

LiveWire will...

Be polite, helpful and professional at all times

  • Be welcoming and customer focused
  • Provide facilities which are accessible, clean, safe and well maintained
  • Provide equipment, materials and information to meet customers' needs
  • Ensure our staff are easily recognisable by virtue of corporate uniform and name badge
  • Engage with and listen to our customers comments and suggestions via 'your comments' and use the information to continuously improve the service we provide
  • Respect the confidentiality of visitors and service users
  • Notify customers at least two weeks in advance of any changes to the programme or services offered
  • Empower staff to make decisions which enhance your enjoyment and experience
  • Investigate and respond to complaints efficiently and effectively
  • Aim to exceed customer expectations through programming and service delivery
  • Use pricing as a tool to proactively address health inequalities and close the gap in Warrington
  • Work with partners to meet the needs and aspirations of local communities
  • Ensure information provided is easy to understand, accurate, up to date and available in a wide range of formats

Issued: May 2012